The AAvapo ® company

The AAvapo ® history…

Sons of Gerard " Chez Gérard losers are rare," a tobacconist from Nancy, Arnaud and Alexandre have been working at the heart of big tobacco brands for over 25 years. Arnaud owns two companies in the medical environment, one manufacturing company which has existed for over 30 years and the other in the treatment of overweight individuals, a true crisis in our society. In this context and since 2008, with the help of two Chinese partners, Arnaud has a base in China, a country rich in history and with an extraordinarily lively spirit.

In 2012, with the development of electronic cigarettes, Gerard joined the market in electronic cigarettes and e- liquids of more or less good quality, that are readily available to a market in very high demand.

It took us a few months to "scan" the Chinese market, where the majority of products are manufactured, especially in Shenzhen. Indeed, for the Chinese government, the market for electronic cigarettes is one of the three market priorities as well as 3D printing and DNA research; which means the government will put in a lot of energy to develop factories to supply electronic cigarettes and related products all over the world.

2013, the creation of AAvapo®…

Société AAvapo - LogoAlthough shops set up very rapidly, tobacconists seem baffled by the multitude of products that they do not always understand. Very quickly, we understood the need to create a company that offers only products of extremely high quality, which are original and not copies, at a low price. We focused on modern factories, which operate according to international quality standards, working under the quality assurance system ISO 9001, 140XX, 26000 ... able to meet the different necessary certifications CE, UL, CCC, CSA ... and especially open to innovation.

Our products

Electronic AANOXX® hookah…

We choose to work closely with manufacturers that can develop innovative products that we want to market. 

Chicha électronique AANOXX

By the end of 2013, we had decided to introduce into Europe via France our outstanding, super mobile electronic hookah registered as AANOXX ®, Original by AAvapo ® which has exceptional performance and irreproachable manufacturing quality, much better than the products already existing in the market. AA for Arnaud and Alexandre, completed NOXX in homage to light (NOX being the unit of measurement of light intensity).

R&D AAvapo®…

Research and development is the top priority for the evolution of AAvapo®...

Thus, we are working actively to design new features that you will see in the next 3 years: 

  • New products and systems
    New applications, including medical
    New flavors

2014, signing of a exclusive agreements …

In May 2014, we signed a partnership to develop exclusive  new products and applications in different countries.

Development for you, our customers

AANOXX - Label excellence

Our distribution …

AAvapo ® works primarily in a long-term perspective, with wholesales, partners, retailers, distributors, shops and tobacconists to satisfy you, the client, fully and permanently.

We only offer certified products, original by AAvapo ®, with an irreproachable quality of workmanship.

Whether in France or abroad, the distribution our products means that you take the advantage over your competitors who produce imitations of our hookah.

You are our best ambassador …

In terms of the hookah and as a recognized specialist, we aim to be No. 1. We want to offer you the best products with the best performance and reliability, especially with incomparable quality flavors. Taste our AANOXX ® hookah, original by AAvapo ® with our original flavors and you will be absolutely convinced. Therefore you will be our best ambassador to your friends.

In the news

Within a few months, many major players were talking about us:

CAUTION against copies

Some, having heard of our products for their quality or because they were requested by you, the customer,  would like  to buy our original AAvapo ® products at the  price of "copies.

We tell them "keep walking."

The AANOXX ® brand, Original by AAvapo ® is the assurance of a purchase that will bring you every satisfaction.